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4 Pillars for a Great Business Great Life

Maresa's Cheat Sheet #1:

“4 Pillars for a Great Business Great Life”
Using this cheat sheet, you will be able to understand all fundamentals needed in your business to have a Great Business that will give you a great quality of life. These fundamentals are not built overnight, so use this checklist to evaluate your business on a QUARTERLY basis in order to know how strong each of these pillars are for your business, and if you are going in the right direction.

Work-On-The-Business (WOB) Cheat Sheet

Maresa's Cheat Sheet #2:

“Work-On-The-Business (WOB) Cheat Sheet”
In working with many business owners, working on the business (WOB) activities, and working in the business (WIB) activities are very different, and many people ask me what the differences are. I designed this checklist to give you more clarity on what you can do to get “started” with WOB, which is essential in building a healthy business.

Profit Centre Cheat Sheet

Maresa's Cheat Sheet #3:

“Profit Centre Cheat Sheet”
To have a great business, it’s crucial that you don’t leave “money” on the table. It is an important form of leverage to make sure every dollar of revenue works harder to create profit. This checklist will show you where all your “profit centers” are in the business, and whether or not you are leaving money on the table, which results in you working harder and harder, but not necessarily smarter.

Tutorial for Self-Employed

“Building Your Default Diary”
A Default Diary enables you to design your ideal week, and plan your desired outcomes. The Default Diary is not only a planning and training tool for yourself, but also works well in training your team and clients around what to expect from your week. Click below to learn to build your own default diary, along with a sample you can refer.


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