Let me ask you this, How much time you spent in “meeting-up”? Yes, go ahead and do your calculations. Well, for a people person like me, it takes me 4 hours for a meet-up! Unbelievable right?

I started meeting up VIRTUALLY after realizing the time spent on the road is longer that the actual meeting! We have all the means to do so and why not make the best out of it and embrace technology.

Virtual meetings allow people to exchange ideas and information while saving on money and time. They are more convenient than face to face meetings. Of course, you don’t need to turn every face to face meeting into a virtual meeting.
Ask yourself what are the goals of the meeting and how busy the people you are inviting to the meeting are before deciding on the right way to go about it.  

Take this challenge, convert 50% of your physical meeting into a virtual meeting and watch how much time you can save and how your life changes. 

Maresa Ng

Asia’s Top Business Growth Specialist – Maresa Ng

Maresa Ng is a Passionate Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Advisor who helps business owners grow their business to a stage where it is commercial, profitable, and can continue to work without them. Her past as a corporate and investment banker had set a foundation for her in working with both SMEs and large businesses. As the leading Business Growth Specialist & Business Advisor in South East Asia, she dedicates herself to working with entrepreneurs all over the region, to build a Great Business and a Great Life.    #​​greatbusinessgreatlife



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