How Do I Get My Team To Focus On The Highest Priorities Of The Business?


In Part 1 of this series, I focused on establishing the foundation for leadership and team prioritisation – the company vision. Once the vision is established the business owner should create a description of how the vision will be accomplished. This is called the company’s mission. The statement of the company’s mission should include:
❥ Who we are as a company
❥ In what business we are employed
❥ The markets that we serve
❥ How we differ from our competition
The outcome should be the company’s unique value proposition or unique selling proposition (USP). The USP is a valuable gem that will strategically drive all of your marketing efforts.When properly crafted anddeployed, your USP will mitigate your company’s exposure to price competition by so dramatically differentiating your company from the rest of the pack that the unique value your company is able to provide should deflect the need to discount!
You might be thinking “I’m in a commodity business so I don’t have anything of unique value to provide.” I guarantee that with proper self-assessment, any group of individuals assembled for a common purpose (a company)
can find something, within that umbrella of purpose, that they can do better than anyone else; if for no other reason than they choose to focus on that “something” and make it so. We at ActionCOACH have assembled a USP creation methodology that takes a group through that discovery process. To illustrate the above let’s consider ActionCOACH’s mission statement:
ActionCOACH is a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest. We will work within our “14 Points of Culture” to make sure that everyone who touches, or is touched by the ActionCOACH team, will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they want to be or achieving the goals they desire.
We will always work in co–opetition with all those who believe they are in competition with us.
We are in the business of ‘Edutainment’. We will educate ourselves, our clients and all those with whom we work, while we entertain them and create a fun learning environment. We will educate our clients in world-class marketing and business development techniques using audio, video, CD’s, other technologies, and simple workbooks, workshops and seminar formats.
Our products and services will be of the highest quality, value for money and, whether sourced from within the company or externally, will always add the most value using the latest and most effective training methodologies available.
ActionCOACH clients, whether they are small, medium or large in size, will have a desire to have us help them in achieving their goals and be able to take on Our Commitment to them by returning their Commitment to ActionCOACH. They will be forward thinking, willing to learn and grow, and be willing to work as a team player in the development of an organization of people.
Our clients will be selected more on attitude than size and they will want to do business with us because we understand people are important, systems should run a company, we offer the most practical, most applicable and fastest strategies on growth, and most importantly, because we mean what we say.

Here are a few thought provoking questions (from Instant Team Building by Brad Sugars) to ask when developing your mission statement:

  • What do we, as a team, want in abundance?
  • What do we, as a team, want to reduce?
  • Describe the relationships you wish to have with your:
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Shareholders
    • Competition
    • Community
    • Employees

As a quality check for your mission statement ask the following questions:

  • Is it future oriented?
  • Is it likely to lead to a better future for the organization?
  • Is it consistent with the organization’s values?
  • Does it set standards of excellence?
  • Does it clarify purpose and direction?
  • Does it inspire enthusiasm and encourage commitment?
  • Does it set the company apart from the competition?
  • Is it ambitious enough?
  • Is it exciting?
  • With a well-crafted and communicated vision and mission statement, your team will be able to cross check their priorities with yours.

Many a time, entrepreneurs and business owners want quick fixes when it comes to working on the team, however, working with the team is not an overnight strategy. It takes loads of determination and understanding, and can be deeply humbling.
Enjoy the application, and all the best!
Maresa Ng is the CEO and Certified Business Coach of ActionCOACH Spark Activators, and has helped thousands of business owners increase their productivity and profitability. They get many steps closer to their dreams of creating a Commercial & Profitable Business that Works Without Them

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As Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, Professional Speaker, and ActionCOACH Asia Master Coach Trainer, Maresa has grown several of her own businesses and has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners & CEOs to succeed in turning around their businesses. She is the author of MPH Masterclass Guide to Starting a Business. Having spoken in over a dozen countries regionally, her business-building-seminars have touched the lives of thousands of business people and entrepreneurs. Maresa had achieved Top 3 Firm Builder in Asia Pacific in year 2015, and maintained Top 100 Global Coach in 2012 and 2013. One of her businesses was awarded SME100 Fastest Moving SMEs by SME & Entrepreneur Magazine in 2012. Her track record of both successes and failures has led her to be one of the most prominent business speakers and experts in the region. Described mainly as businesses secret-weapon, Maresa has the strategic and tactical ability, energy and passion to take entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level. Visit www.maresang.com and transform your business today.


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