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Business Diagnostic or Business Health Check is just a starting point to help business owners and CEOs gaining MORE TIME, MORE MONEY, and BETTER TEAM. With a nominal investment, you will get a Business Expert to offer 3rd party perspective on your business situation and get CLARITY to achieve your BUSINESS GOAL smoother.

1-on-1 Coaching


Ever feel like your business could be doing so much more? Are you ready to increase your profits? Get more freedom from your business? Are you looking for a way to stop competing in price wars? Or is there a specific area of your business you are ready to improve? We assist business owners and CEOs to customize business solutions for their unique challenges.

Level Up Your Business


You have started your business and you feel you need more guidance in your business. You are not sure who to reach out for... Check out our Level Up Your Business Series.

Corporate Training


In business, the business owner or CEO is not the only person who works on the business. The team members also play an important roles in the growth of the business. We customize training program and modules to fit your team's need.

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What people say about Maresa

Director of a Catering CompanyMaresa is a very result-driven business coach that will ensure that you and your business are always on track to achieve your goals. Our company's revenue skyrocketed from RM 3000 per month to an average of RM 500,000 per month ! That's an increment of 16,566 %!

Firm Owner and Executive Coach of a Business Coaching CompanyMaresa has the drive to make any business successful. Not only does she inspire people with her leadership and guts, she has the consistency and strategic thinking to achieve results. Maresa is also a loyal friend, a caring listener, and a great coach. Thank you for inspiring me, Maresa. I hope you inspire many more to come.


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