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by Maresa Ng

Today’s market is quite a jungle of marketing and sales messages that can be overwhelming, if one cannot see the forest for the trees! So what’s going on?

The landscape is different now. Firstly, there is a saturation of marketing and branding messages out there, and the audience may or may not be listening. Secondly, the advent of information at our fingertips (literally), enables more information and knowledge to be available to the more and more educated consumer.

Lastly, this over-saturation makes our audience slightly numb to the messages.

For you who are running your marketing campaign out there, how has been your campaign bringing you new businesses? If you are thinking of exploring alternatives, get this e-book, go through it, then restrategize for better marketing ROI...


By Maresa Ng

Running a business is an exciting uptaking. There will be many different challenges to be faced right from the first step, and each entrepreneur will have a different take or perspective on how each challenge should be dealt with.

Any organization without a good leader is like a group of unorganised people who will slowly but surely become dormant and unmotivated in the long run. As a business owner, it’s important that you know what kind of leader you are, or want to become. What kind of leader you are dictates the kind of company culture you create.

There is no right or wrong in this – as long as you can effectively lead your business and see it grow, it means you’ve got a winning solution.

As the leader of your organization, you must first understand and determine the direction you want it to take. This is your company vision and mission. Be clear and concise about what kind of company you want to create, and how you envision it in the future. This is the most important first step to take, before you can effectively lead your business on to grow bigger and better.

There are some key things to note to become an effective leader, and you are able to get hold of the insights here...


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