HRDF Certified Courses

HRDF Certified Courses

Having someone to help you set an agenda and outline for developing your business, improving your marketing or
setting your business fundamentals right, can greatly accelerate your business success and reduce frustration.

The difference between success and failure is rarely a lack of ability or even effort, but a lack of clear objectives and the
practical means to reach them. Being held accountable with additional guidance and outside perspective can make a
measurable difference.

Available Services Provided:
- Scheduled Sessions via Skype
- Priority Access
- Structured Coaching Sessions
- SWOT Analysis and Customized Action Plans



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Director of a Catering CompanyMaresa is a very result-driven business coach that will ensure that you and your business are always on track to achieve your goals. Our company's revenue skyrocketed from RM 3000 per month to an average of RM 500,000 per month ! That's an increment of 16,566 %!

Firm Owner and Executive Coach of a Business Coaching CompanyMaresa has the drive to make any business successful. Not only does she inspire people with her leadership and guts, she has the consistency and strategic thinking to achieve results. Maresa is also a loyal friend, a caring listener, and a great coach. Thank you for inspiring me, Maresa. I hope you inspire many more to come.


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