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"Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others."

- John C. Maxwell -

John C Maxwell

Leadership and Intrapreneurship Excellence
For Managers (Webinar)

Business Owner Dilemma

Do You Face These Regularly?

Inability to Delegate Properly
Lack of Proactivity in Solving Problems
Missing Goals and Targets Set for the Company
Meaningless Fire-Fighting based on Poor Employee Reliability
Poor Employee Performance
Disciplinary Issues

If you have any of the above, you have problems MOST business leaders have. It is not uncommon.

Here is what I vouch to do for you. Once you join me for 45 minutes on the Leadership & Intrapreneurship Excellence Webinar, I will show you how you can BREAK this VICIOUS CYCLE.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • 3 most important pillars in motivating your employees. Understanding the human race is pivotal in running a great team.
  • The Art of Delegation, which is a 6-key checklist of must-do's when you delegate, so that the work does not come back to you!
  • Understand how to manage different people properly and utilize their strengths. Stop getting monkeys to swim and fish to climb trees!
  • Create a team with great accountability and drive toward the organization's success without super micromanaging your team.

My name is Maresa (www.maresang.com) and I have been turning around businesses for years. I love working with SMEs and possibly family run businesses especially. They give me a challenge and fulfilment I really enjoy.

Join this webinar

I'm inviting you to this webinar where I share best practices that have helped my clients over the last decade. So, no, I'm not sharing textbook stuff but practical stuff that has gotten tons of results.

Join my webinar: “Leadership & Intrapreneurship Excellence” on the following dates:-

29th March 2018, Thursday, 10.00am
(GMT +08:00)

3rd April 2018, Tuesday, 10.00am
(GMT +08:00)

5th April 2018, Tuesday, 03.00pm
(GMT +08:00)

What's the cost? YOUR TIME.

Would you rather be busy suffering from a poor performing team, or allocating your precious time to learn something new for your organization's growth?
At some point, you have to decide which is costing you more money.


Here is what our graduates have to say:-

Head of a Florist Outlet


Centre Manager of a Swim School


HR Asst. Manager of a Catering Company


Executive Chef of a Catering Company


Manager of a Cafe / Restaurant


Manager of a Steamboat & Grill Restaurant


I found that from the first class, I have been “WOW-ed” with knowledge and clarity. It gives me the best view not just toward my self-growth, but also the organizations’. The knowledge and experience that I obtain, I want to share and empower not only my team, my organization, and also people around me.

Centre Manager of a Swim School

The program increased my confidence level in knowledge, skill, and strategy. I learned how to define strategies which reflect the company’s Vision, Mission, and Values. Besides, I also learned how to categorize employees and know when to micro or macro manage them.

Manager of a Cafe / Restaurant

I’ve learned how to lead my team effectively, how to delegate properly, how to organize better meetings, and how to get my team members more engaged.

Manager of a Steamboat & Grill Restaurant

Compact training session with really useful contents that can help my company to be better & efficient. Coach is really helpful in attending all the questions. I also learned about the importance of Macro & Micro management, KPI, and Job Description.

Admin & Account Executive of a Florist

Mampu mengukur/menganalisa prestasi pekerja dan membuat kepercayaan untuk penetapan KPI tahun 2018. Membantu dalam menjalankan tugas-tugas seharian dengan lebih baik dan mampu menjadikan saya seorang pengurus yang mengetahui hala tuju syarikat.

Human Resource & Admin Asst. Manager of a Catering Company
Effective Leadership of Sustainable Business Growth E-Book



I also want to recommend you to watch the video above, and learn how to delegate more effectively for more business results.

Maresa Ng on Chair


See you on the webinar soon!

To your success, always,

Maresa Ng

Maresa Ng is a Passionate Entrepreneur who helps business owner grow their business to a stage where it is commercial, profitable, and can continue to work without them. Maresa has worked with thousands of business owners and she has been turning around businesses since 2008.
She was a corporate and investment banker, but now she is the leading Business Growth Specialist & Business Advisor in South East Asia. She always believes, as entrepreneurs, you can have Great Quality of Life through Great Business!
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