Living a Life Rich in Business and Passion

Living a Life Rich in Business and Passion


Far too many business owners and entrepreneurs have given up and sacrificed their lives for the prospect of a great business. When they get to the 10th year of being in business, they start to realize they still do not have a great business, because the business just robbed them of time. And sadly, time cannot be replaced, money can.

Asia is continuously consumed by the fast-pace economy, family values of hard work and persistence are deep in many of us. With the fast-spreading diseases and health problems, lives get shorter, and quality lives are more valuable than profitable bank accounts, but neither can we live without money.

This book’s objective is to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs to have GREAT LIVES, while running GREAT BUSINESSES. It’s not about having one without the other. This book is also about how you “finish” your business, not wait for yourself to be finished, before you start working yourself out of the business…

Our businesses should not consume our lives, and that we have many others areas that fuel happiness. Manage your life (not time), how you manage your life with give you the fullest experience your life has to offer. You need not sacrifice for a future that is uncertain, but live in the presence of great happiness NOW. In authoring this book, success is not about how much money we make, but have a great quality of life no matter how much we make in business.

This book gives you the perspective on how to be in a business for long-term. Not every Entrepreneurship Door, is for Everyone, and selecting the right door will give you a sustainable journey that is both profitable and will make you happy. Maresa has experienced these doors enough, through her own experiences and other entrepreneurs, that today she authors this book, to help you make the right choices, in having a great business, and a great life!


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