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As Asia's Top Business Growth Specialist, Maresa produces e-books. The e-books provide you with useful business insights to be more effective, be it in your business or your workplace. Some of the topics as follows...

  • 4 Keys to Employee Engagement
  • 10 Keys to Building a Sustainable Successful Business

Published Books

Being an Entrepreneur and Author, Maresa has published her MPH Masterclass Series back in 2014. Having coaching more businesses, she is now publishing Great Business, Great Life Series with MPH. Some of her books are listed here...

  • Guide to Starting a Business
  • Living a Life Rich in Business and Passion


Throughout coaching business owners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, Maresa has come across a few useful business tools and resources which she found handy for business growth. Access them here...


There are times where business owners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs have tight schedules for meetings and self development. Get more business insights from other people's experience here...


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