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Work-On-The-Business (WOB) Cheat Sheet


Maresa's Strategy Cheat Sheet:

“Work-On-The-Business (WOB) Cheat Sheet”
In working with many business owners, working on the business (WOB) activities, and working in the business (WIB) activities are very different, and many people ask Maresa what the differences are. Maresa designed this checklist to give you more clarity on what you can do to get “started” with WOB, which is essential in building a healthy business.

There are 5 Areas of WOB in this cheat sheet. In each area, Maresa has some questions for you to self-evaluate on how well you are working on your business.

  • Delivery / Operations
  • Marketing & Lead Generation
  • Sales & Conversion
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resource

“Working-In-The Business gives you income today and tomorrow, but not in the next 5 years without burning out. Working-On-The Business builds LEVERAGE and makes WIB easier and leveraged.”

By Maresa

What People Say About Maresa

Maresa is a business coach with creative knowledge on how to improve one's business results by focussing on different aspects of the business. For us, she had provided many different ways and ideas to increase lead generation methods in order to increase potential sales.

Izzat Recruitment

Maresa has been an outstanding business coach to my company. She has actually helped us to build our business and increase our sales tremendously by trying new techniques and working those techniques over time. With her, we've been continuously working on our business while working in the business. As a Coach - anyone can definitely count on her, to coach them build their business!

Vyasa Training

Maresa is very result-oriented business coach, she has very good track record in helping her clients to double or triple the revenue in a very short period time. She is very reasonable, caring and responsible person.

Wilson Performance Management

I’ve learnt the ways a business can be run systematically. For instance, we can incorporate KPI into our business model by keeping track of its performance and improvement. I personally think that every business owner shall attend Maresa’s workshop. It is worth to attend and you will not regret.

Cherry Public Speaking

Once you have done your self-evaluation, you can follow the next steps...

Step #1:

Want to go to the next level? Email Maresa your cheat sheet results at talk2me@maresang.com with the email subject “I Want To WOB – Your Name” and tell Maresa your Top 3 Things You Will Do Differently in Your Business. When you do this, Maresa has a little surprise for you that will help you in the business.

Step #2:

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