Build Your Profit Model Masterclass

Build Your Profit Model Masterclass


Are you ready for another level of wealth, income, or cash flow in your business?
If your answer is YES! You’ve come to the right place.

One of the most common questions I get asked by business owners from all over the world is how can they improve their profits. It is the one thing they all want more. That’s understandable, because making profits is a major issue on keeping the business afloat.

“But, how do I make profit?” You asked.

I have built a powerful and simplified profit model to help you increase the return you deserve. There are several areas I cover in this Masterclass that you need to break your business down to. It doesn’t matter where you are, the size of your business or business industry, the model still applies.

This Profit Model Masterclass is going to cover:

  • Lead Generation
    • Most businesses face problems generating new leads. Without sufficient cashflow, the business survives from one month to the next. I will teach you how to differentiate between lead generation and branding. Once you understand and master between these two, you’ll know precisely what it takes to successfully generate more leads for your business.
  • Conversion and Sales
    • How do you convert once you got your prospects or leads in front of you? How do you convert them into your customers? In this Masterclass, you’ll discover the secrets to selling. I will show you how to maximize your conversion rate.
  • Average Dollar Sale
    • First of all, you need to understand what is your average sale. Average Dollar Sale is a retail metric term used to calculate the correlation between sales and transactions for a given period of time. Sounds confusing? I share with you a simple explanation in this Masterclass and also ways you can improve your Average Dollar Sale.
  • Repeat Business
    • I always stress on retaining your customers, why? Because they have already made a purchase and some are already your raving fans! Many business owners place so much emphasis on getting new leads, they are forgetting their existing customers! You’ll learn the secrets to keeping close proximity with your existing customers and how to get them to buy more from you by joining this Profit Model Masterclass.

What People Say about Maresa

Maresa is a very result-driven business coach that will ensure you and your business are always on track to achieve your goals. Our company's revenue skyrocketed from RM 3,000 per month to an average of RM 500,000 per month ! That's an increment of 16,566 %!

Izzah Catering Company

Maresa has the drive to make any business successful. Not only does she inspire people with her leadership and guts, she has the consistency and strategic thinking to achieve results. Maresa is also a loyal friend, a caring listener, and a great coach. Thank you for inspiring me, Maresa. I hope you inspire many more to come.

Cynthia Business Coaching

If you think that your business can't afford Maresa right now, you are definitely a business owner that can't afford not to have her coach you and your business right now. Proof - we expanded and doubled our revenues in just under two years upon engaging her.

Zac Advertising & Branding

Maresa is excellent in coaching business owners to achieve the results that they want for the company. She sees beyond what you can imagine you can see. She has helped my business from one trainer to 9 trainers! You want to grow your company... Let Maresa coach you to big ACTIONS!

Chloe Fitness Coaching

Maresa is the consummate professional, leader and business coach - never short of a new idea or a word of support. The skills learned and tools provided are still put to good use, and I would recommend anyone looking to improve results to sign on for a seminar as a refresher - the attitude and positivity of ActionCOACH will give you a jump start!

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