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Hey, I'm Maresa Ng,

Wondering what I do? I help you create a better quality of life through having a better and profitable business. I know how to turn your business into a vehicle that will support the kind of life you want to have, as long as you know what you want from your life.

A born business strategist & educator, I have been working with businesses and entrepreneurs in building better businesses through changing the way they think about their businesses, and how businesses should really run. My corporate and finance stints, with top merchant & investment banks, and consulting companies, had inspired me to follow my heart, and start a business that serve the business and SME community, starting with Malaysia. I love working with entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and managers, to help them raise the bar of how they run their businesses, through developing their mindsets, and building more profitable strategies into the business. Why? Because being in business is about more life.

Several instances in my entrepreneurship journey, I had been distracted by over-audacious and extremely ambitious goals that worked my life into the ground. Thanks to my coaches and advisors, I have been able to live a great life, and still have a great business. I am more profitable than ever, and I love my businesses due to these decisions I had made. And I dedicate my life to teaching business owners how to do this.

  • We received the SME100 Award for Fastest Growing SMEs in 2012, and was recognized for developing and rapidly growing SMEs
  • We have over a decade of experience in growing businesses, beginning as a Commercial & Investment Banker, to Business Advisor and Business Growth Specialist. We've turned-around many businesses, while some were in distressed states, some businesses were also in a state of "plateauing" or slow state of decline, and needed a Business Advisor to help them take the jump
  • We have been featured on national radio (Bernama Radio24), national TV (BernamaTV, Hello on Two)
  • Spark Activators (Leading ActionCOACH firm in Malaysia) received Top Firm in Asia Pacific Region in 2015
  • I was one of three Malaysian columnist and author on the #1 SME Magazine in Malaysia, called SME & Entrepreneur Magazine, for 4 years
  • I was interviewed on The Asian Entrepreneur, as a leading mover and shaker for the Asian entrepreneurship and business space in 2013
  • I authored my book with the largest publisher in the region, MPH Publishers, and was part of the MPH Masterclass in 2014 - and wrote a book to help newbie entrepreneurs prepare for the journey of their lives in business - click HERE to check the book out
  • I've personally worked with hundreds of clients across several industries -from family businesses, tech-businesses, food, manufacturing, services-based business, and thousands of clients through our  workshops and online programs
  • I am one of a small handful of Master Coach Trainers in Asia selected to conduct Coach Certification Training for new coaches joining ActionCOACH in Asia
  • My clients often say that working with me is like adding on a secret weapon or powerhouse to the business. "If YOU are READY, we ALWAYS are"

And when I'm not working with my clients, building a new program for our entrepreneurs, or developing content for my YouTube channel, you can find me at the rocks, rock-climbing with my mates, riding off to a sun-rise, traveling parts of Asia to taste great food, or watching the latest X-Men or DC Comic movie!

Still Curious? Since we are friends now, let's get better acquainted:

My name Maresa is actually an Italian name, and you will find very few people with this spelling. Most are Mellissa or Marissa. But no, mine is spelt as M-A-R-E-S-A

  • I am Malaysian Chinese. Many people who meet me at my events think that I am Korean or Indonesian
  • I only consider my day as "started" when I have a really good cup of coffee. By the way, I am a BIG LOVER for Vietnamese Coffee
  • In my 20s, I raced a lot, and one of my favourite races was the one organized by AXN City Challenge and came in 3rd place, and this came as a surprise to me. In this race, I abseiled off the 13th floor of a high-rise building (which is the highest abseil I had ever done!)
  • In this life, I have been other types of "instructor" or "coach" as well - I have taken on jobs as a add-maths tuition teacher, rock-climbing instructor and RPM instructor before.That shows how much I love coaching...
  • My journey is deeply inspired by my folks, especially my Dad, who was the entrepreneur in the family. He lost his life early to Liver Cancer (which was complicated by having diabetes). He worked hard at his businesses to provide for his children, but somehow it took a toll on him. So I live my businesses to ensure that no other entrepreneur has to live a business like that, and have a great life instead.
  • As a banker turned business coach then entrepreneur, I understand the challenges in starting and building businesses, and have endured both successes and failures, where failures have really had a lot more to teach me than the successes did. And where i can, I ensure my failures don't become yours, hence why I have a lot to do...

Are you ready to rock & roll with your business?

You can reach out to me at [email protected].

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What People Say about Maresa

Maresa is a very result-driven business coach that will ensure you and your business are always on track to achieve your goals. Our company's revenue skyrocketed from RM 3,000 per month to an average of RM 500,000 per month ! That's an increment of 16,566 %!

Izzah Catering Company

Maresa has the drive to make any business successful. Not only does she inspire people with her leadership and guts, she has the consistency and strategic thinking to achieve results. Maresa is also a loyal friend, a caring listener, and a great coach. Thank you for inspiring me, Maresa. I hope you inspire many more to come.

Cynthia Business Coaching

If you think that your business can't afford Maresa right now, you are definitely a business owner that can't afford not to have her coach you and your business right now. Proof - we expanded and doubled our revenues in just under two years upon engaging her.

Zac Advertising & Branding

Maresa is excellent in coaching business owners to achieve the results that they want for the company. She sees beyond what you can imagine you can see. She has helped my business from one trainer to 9 trainers! You want to grow your company... Let Maresa coach you to big ACTIONS!

Chloe Fitness Coaching

Maresa is the consummate professional, leader and business coach - never short of a new idea or a word of support. The skills learned and tools provided are still put to good use, and I would recommend anyone looking to improve results to sign on for a seminar as a refresher - the attitude and positivity of ActionCOACH will give you a jump start!

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