MPH Masterclass Series: Maresa Ng’s Guide to Starting a Business


Maresa Ng’s Guide to Starting a Business

The MPH Masterclass Series is a collection of how-to books written by Malaysians who are experts in their respective fields. The 9th in the series is Maresa Ng's Guide to Starting a Business.

The Malaysian business scene, especially with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), is a vibrant one. New companies are sprouting as our generation of Malaysians are becoming increasingly entrepreneurial. Everyone wants to start their own business.

Maresa Ng was one such person. Eager to run a business she truly believed in, she quit her job and started ActionCOACH Spark Activators. Along the way, she has coached many businesses, big and small, on the finer details of how to run their business from GOOD to GREAT.

This book is an extension of Maresa's genuine passion for the business industry in Malaysia. Aspiring entrepreneurs will find in it PRACTICAL ADVICE and INSIGHTS on what it takes to run a successful business. Seasoned business people may also find this book a timely REMINDER of the BASICS that make for STABLE and SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS GROWTH.


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