11 + 2 Useful Apps You Simply Must Have For Your Business

Productivity is crucial when you run a small business. We understand because we’re a small business too.

So here’s a collection of some useful apps which we’ve used and find them absolutely indispensable to our daily work. Know that whatever apps we share, we’ve used them extensively. Just so you know.

If you’re a Malaysian business and want a quick way to receive money, try Billplz. It’s a Malaysian company that helps you connect to banks easily. The Billplz website doesn’t communicate properly what it’s about. Basically, they’re a service provider similar to PayPal. Unlike Paypal which charges a commission based off your transaction amount, the Billplz folks take a flat rate of RM1.50 each time from you when your customer uses its service to pay you money, regardless of the amount transacted. The service fee taken from you is separate from the money your customer pays you so you basically top up each time your “service fee account” gets low. It’s good if you sell products or services, collect donations or conduct e-ticketing.  It connects to all major banks in Malaysia.

We were recently contacted by Canva to add one more really helpful resource to our list of 11 apps. If you’re looking for stock photos for your website, here are 74 (yes, 74) links to free and paid images you can use. Check out their comprehensive free stock photo list and never fear that you don’t have a photo ever to use in your website or Canva graphic.

If you want an alternative to Canva, try Stencil. It’s touted to be faster than Canva. We use both so we’re really not sure which is better!

For royalty-free photos you can use for your website and more, go to: http://kaboompics.com

For a daily reminder to keep you on track, this is the software you need. Set it up and it emails you to remind you of what you need to do. http://www.askmeevery.com

When you’re on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ like us, you can’t be logging into each one to update one by one. Here’s a faster way. Use a social media dashboard to help you manage all your social media accounts in one place. https://hootsuite.com 

Do you know that people love sharing inspirational quotes on social media? Create some of your own with this tool: http://www.quotescover.com 

Got a presentation in Powerpoint or Keynote that you want to share? Use Slideshare, the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content. Easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. Use this to share your expertise on your product/service and have it reach all corners of the globe too. Check it out here:  http://www.slideshare.net

We’ve all had this problem especially when we want to share an interesting article or a websitebut the link is so long, you can’t even see the end of it in the URL window. Bitly is a nifty site that will put an end to insanely long links. Try it for yourself at https://bitly.com

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This blog post is written by Krista Goon of Redbox Studio: 

Krista is the co-owner of Redbox Studio – a Penang-based business specialising in premium website design and marketing solutions – which she manages with her husband, Nic Sim. Krista and Nic are the authors of  “Web Wisdom: The Definitive Guide To Getting Customers With Your Website Even If They’re 10,000km Away”. Since 1998, Redbox Studio has been helping entrepreneurs attract prospects and grow their businesses successfully with their websites. Besides creating websites with marketing strategy, Redbox Studio also offers consultation and workshops so that entrepreneurs can learn how to market confidently in the online world. Discover more at www.RedboxStudio.com.

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