I love getting objections. Getting objections means that the prospect has enough emotion to confront me with their deepest, darkest fears before they transact with me. Without objections, I know I am not hitting any buttons, and not getting closer to the sale.

So, how do you handle Sales Objections? Simple, by Making It Common!

It’s like going to a restaurant. If you don’t like the food or service, you will do one of three things:

Sales Objections

  1. Pay the bill, get up leave, and never come back.
  2. Pay the bill, but make sure you speak to the manager and give them your feedback.
  3. Go onto social media and give a poor review.

I can assure you, No.2 is the hardest to do, and these days people don’t do enough of that. Why? Because its confrontational. Especially, Asians. We hate confrontations, and that’s what prospects go through when they give objections. Hence why, most prospects rather keep quiet if they don’t want to buy. The ones that object, would be the ones that feel strongly enough about buying, but want you to know their concerns first.

So yes, I LOVE getting objections. It gives me a chance to help my client.

Sure, I had a tough time when I used to get tonnes of objections. But things changed when I found this really easy way to handle all my objections… It’s called the Triple A approach. Here it is…

  • A for Acknowledge
    Acknowledge the objection, and tell the prospect that you understand his/her situation. Don’t disagree with the prospect. The customer is always right in telling you how they feel about something, so agree with it.
  • A for Address & Isolate
    Ask the prospect for permission to address that particular concern. Make sure you are clear with what you are addressing, and once the issue is address, get assurance from the prospect if its then possible to move forward.
  • A for Ask to Move Forward
    Its important that you determine the main concern with your prospect, so that they are not creating excuses and stalls one after another, and that drags out the sales process. Don’t get me wrong, its okay to assist the prospect with her concerns, but if every concern is a deal-killer, then you really need to wonder if this prospect is wasting your time.

Sounds like this – “Sure Mrs Wong. I understand that you have come across water filter systems that are cheaper. Once we address the pricing issue, could we then move forward? Great. Thanks.”

In addressing the objection, I always make the objection seem common. Meaning, the prospect is not unique in feeling that way. It also helps them feel assured as we are confident with handling the query.

For example:

“In fact, Mrs Wong, many others had felt that we were slightly more expensive than other water filters, until they were blown away with how effective our filtration system was when we showed them what our demo unit could do.”

“I am sure you would agree that water filtration systems are such an important investment and most family decisions makers like yourself, would see the importance and benefits of keeping our children well and healthy with safe drinking water.”

We tell our prospects that similar others have felt the same way, but they weighed the importance, and invested anyway. It gives our prospects confidence when we are confident with how to handle queries or objections well.

This is one of a closing technique that helps our prospects feel comfortable that they are not the only ones facing this concern.

Want to learn more on how to handle sales objections? Here is another video tip for you… Say your objections first before the customers get to say them!

Enjoy the application, and all the best in closing more sales!

Maresa Ng Business Growth Specialist

Asia’s Top Business Growth Specialist – Maresa Ng

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